Tournament Topics: AdeptiCon 2018 - Part 1

Welcome to the second installment of Tournament Topics.  In this post we will talk about all things Infinity and Aristeia from AdeptiCon 2018.  For those that are not familiar with AdeptiCon, it is a tabletop miniatures gaming convention that is held annually in the western suburbs of Chicago.  This year, its 16th, it was held in Schaumburg for the 4th straight year.  The total attendance was expected to be over 4,000 attendees.  AdeptiCon is a place to come together with fellow gamers from all over the world for great games and even better camaraderie.  Find out more at

In 2016 and 2017, I played in several of the Infinity events while splitting my time with Age of Sigmar.  This year I devoted myself to Infinity full time, including joining the TO team.  Over the course of 4 days, we ran 7 Infinity events and 2 Aristeia events.

Day 0
Wednesday was reserved for table set up and pick up games.  By the end of the day we had 18 tables set up, with another 6 needing to be set up on Thursday night after the Aristeia event.  All 24 tables were graciously provided by individuals from across the Midwest.  I would like to thank each and everyone of them: Tim Toolen, Kevin Dickens, Greg Patterson, Will Thompson, Charles Badger, Rob Bent, Steve Herner, Josh Hall, Josh Linde, James Chauvaux, Brad Petrie, Tommy Back, Angelina Curka, Jason Bagley, Nick Hanger, and Stu Nami.

And a huge thanks to Mike Maciejewski for providing a microphone and speaker.  It saved the voices of the entire TO team for the weekend.

After setting up my two tables, I spent most of the day hanging out with friends and assisting others haul their tables into the hall.  I was able to get my first full game of Aristeia in with my friend Rob Bent aka Moondoggy.

Day 1
Thursday saw the Infinity Escalation tournament during the day and the TAG Rumble in the evening.  I brought my GI Joe themed vanilla Ariadna army to the Escalation tournament, which consisted of games at 200, 300, and 400 points.  This was the first time that the Joes had seen the table, so I didn't know exactly how they would perform.

The first game at 200 points was against Victor Toth and his Acontecimento.  The Joes were able to pull out an 8-1 win in Supplies.  The game was very close up until turn 3 when I was able to turn the tide with some timely AROs that opened up the table for me to secure the necessary Supply Boxes.  The MVP for the Joes would be Snake Eyes (SAS).  Snake Eyes was able to take and hold the supply box on my left flank in turn 1 and then hold off Guarda de Assaulto, Naga, and Scylla and her devabot before crossing the board to eliminate the final Regular.

The second game was Power Pack and my opponent was Grant Frydenlund and his Tohaa.  We played on a table made of the Plastcraft Bourak terrain.  It was a nice looking table, however one table half did have 4 highpoints as there was a wall gate, observatory, and energy tower.  Grant won the initial role and chose to deploy on that side.  The unique deployment zones of the scenario and these nests provided a perfect perch for both his Nikoul Ambush sniper and Le Muet, who was able to reach one of them due to his Forward Deployment L1.  Grant fed his Gorgos, which also happened to be his datatracker, plenty of orders in turn one as it rampaged through my lines.  The damage done by the Gorgos plus the entire view of the table that the snipers had, really limited my ability to counterpunch effectively.  In the end, Duke (Van Zant) was able to walk in behind the angled wall section and remove the Kaeltar Specialists, however the sniper positions prevented him from moving out and getting anywhere near the console.  Scarlett (Uxia McNeill) was my MVP of this game.  She was able to activate the center antennae and hold off the Gorgos and his Chaksa.  I lost this game 7-2.  Grant went on to place Second in the tournament after beating Myomer in game 3.  If I combine my experience from this game, with my game against Bostria (see an upcoming post about this game!), I definitely learned some items to adjust on this 300 point list.  (To see the lists that I played, see my G.I. Joe post here)

Game 3 was Capture and Protect against Combined Army run by Brent Nelson.  This was a true bloodbath.  The combined remaining Victory Points totaled 257, out of the starting 800.  Brent's Speculo Killer was able to cause a lot of havoc along my right flank, taking out Stalker (Foxtrot), Beachhead (Vet Kazak), Torpedo (Irmandinho), and Bazooka (Marauder).  Brent skillfully positioned all models in his backfield so that Duke (Van Zant) could not make an appearance until late in the game, when we walked on the side of the board to preserve his Victory Points.  The game ended in a 4-4 tie, with neither army capturing the opposing Beacon.  My MVP goes to Ripcord (Airborne Ranger).  He was able to walk in on the right board edge and gun down the Charontid datatracker.

I had a lot of fun officially unveiling the larger theme of my GI Joe army.  I had even more fun getting them out on the table for the first time.  I was happy to go 1-1-1 and finish 8th in my first outing with them.

Top 5 results
Joe Rogers - PanOceania
Grant Frydenlund - Tohaa
Jamie Kuddle - Neoterra
Oliver Borden - Combined Army
Lewis Frasch - Haqqislam

Thursday Night I ran the first ever AdeptiCon Aristeia tournament.  We had 10 players over 3 rounds: King of the Hill, Assault, and Scorched Earth.  The Koorie Queen mod was utilized as well.  This mod has each player build a team of 8 Aristos for the tournament.  Prior to each game, their opponent will strike one of the 8.  The team for the game is then chosen from the remaining 7 Aristos.  With Soldiers of Fortune (SoF) being sold at the Corvus Belli booth earlier in the day, the expansion was in play for this tournament.  It looked like most players used at least a few models from SoF.   This event was a lot of fun to run.  Only a few questions came up and everyone appeared to have a lot of fun.  At the end of the tournament, Moondoggy walked away as the champion.

Top 3 results

Day 2
Friday saw the 48 player, 300 point, 4 round ITS event.  I helped TO the event alongside Will Thompson, Tim Toolen, and Adam Cortes.  The scenarios were: Safe Area, Firefight, Acquisition, and Frontline.  It was a fun, straightforward day.  It was a great chance to hang out with the TO crew and support the Infinity community.

Top 5 results
Robert Paul - Haqqislam
Owen Schindel - Military Orders
Gavin Schober - Corregidor
Ernest - Neoterra
Peter Setchell - ISS

I also compiled a full breakdown of the armies represented in the ITS:

Army Count
Aleph 1
Steel Phalanx 1
Ariadna 4
Caledonia 1
Combined Army 10
Morats 2
Shasvasti 1
Vanilla 7
Haqqislam 6
Hassassin Bahram 2
Vanilla 4
Nomads 8
Bakunin 1
Corregidor 3
Vanilla 4
PanOceania 9
Military Orders 1
Vanilla 1
Tohaa 5
Tohaa 5
Yu Jing 5
Vanilla 1
Grand Total 48

In order to keep this post from getting too long, I am going to break it here and write a second post consisting of days 3 and 4.  Before I end this post though, I will share pictures of all 24 tables:


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