G.I. Joe: A Real Ariadan Hero

My project for early 2018 has been a G.I. Joe themed conversion as an Ariadna force.  I outlined the beginning of the project in an earlier post (http://www.cybermask-infinity.com/2018/01/yo-joe.html).  I completed the first 17 models in time for AdeptiCon 2018, with plans to play it in the Escalation tournament.  I wanted to use this post to share the finished models and the conversions used.

First, I will start with the unveiling video that I recorded during AdeptiCon:

The first hurdle to overcome was the proper conversions to fit some G.I. Joe characters:

Scarlett: Uxia McNeill, Covert Ops, with some added bow pieces from a Games Workshop Wood Elf kit for the crossbow crossbars

Snake Eyes:  Senor Massacre with a sculpted visor added

Duke:  USAriadna Grunt with a head from Wargames Factory WWII American box

Stalker:  Foxtrot Ranger with Indigo Spec-Op head

Roadblock:  Para-Commando with Van Zant head

Low-Light:  Zouave sniper with Jacques Bruant head

Lifeline:  Warcor

Rock N Roll:  Tank Hunter HMG with 6th Airborne Ranger head

Ripcord:  6th Airborne Ranger with Unknown Ranger head and arms

Beachhead: SAS

Torpedo: Irmandinho

Bazooka:  Zouave

Recondo: Hardcase with Intel Spec Op rifle

General Hawk:  RPG Kickstarter Voronin with a head from Wargames Factory WWII Americans and Pegasus Hobbies sandbags

Flint: Dog Face with Grunt Spec Ops shotgun and Indigo Spec Ops head

Shipwreck: Dog Face with sculpted sleeves and hat, with parrot from Reaper's Peg Leg Pete

Baroness HVT: Free-Lance Stringer with metal chain and wooden cube

Once the models were decided upon for conversions and painting, I needed to find an appropriate Infinity profile for each character.  Along with those decisions, I wanted to be certain that I could tie the GI Joe theme to my list while also helping me remember which model had which profile.  In order to do that, I added the GI Joe character pictures to my lists instead of the profile symbols

I also wanted to take that extra leap and make the Courtesy Lists something extra special.

The final touches included a 25th anniversary music box that I found on eBay, a Collector's Edition figure case from a second hand store, and a custom display board.

The response to this army has been far greater than anything that I could have imagined.  Thank you for taking this journey with me.  I have plans for several more Joes to add to this in the near future.  I will post those as well when they are done.


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