First dip in the ITS TO pool

I had the privilege of running my first ITS event recently at Dragon Fall in St. Charles, IL.  Being a TO is not something new to me as I have helped run various tournaments for Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Age of Sigmar at AdeptiCon over the last 9 years.  However, I did have a few concerns going into it: 

  • Do I know the rules well enough to answer questions?  
  • Will enough people register?  
  • Can I play and TO for the first time if there is an odd number?
  • Can I pull together enough tables?

I was asked to run the event at nearly the last minute (less than a month before the event), so I had to pull together the missions, design a social media push, find enough terrain, and acquire an ITS winner pack in a relatively short amount of time.  Missions and a schedule was the easy part. Registration started at 9, first game at 9:30, 45 minutes for lunch, and finished by 5.  Missions were Transmission Matrix, Safe Area, and Acquisition. Then the hard part began.  I already had one full table ready to go, the Strompost Alpha pre-printed MDF terrain from MuseOn Minis that I had picked up at Twinfinity in June.  It works perfectly on the mat that I also happened to obtain at Twinfinity in a trade with my friend Chris.  On top of this table, I had already started working on a table that showcases the Corvus Belli paper terrain.  With 4 sets of Neon Lotus, aka Red Veil, terrain supported by Warsenal MDF support underneath, the vast portion of that table was complete.  A few months ago I also picked up some Antenocities Guardian Lions, Customeeple Neon City Street Ads, and Micro Art Studios Road Barriers to round out the scatter for this table.  Now the trick was to get enough of it painted for Dragon Fall.

Strompost Alpha Table

Corvus Belli Table enhanced with Warsenal,
Antenocitis Workshop, and Customeeple

Next was to cast my net far and wide among my friends to see who might be attending that could supply some tables.  I had several offers from friends generous enough to help out.  In the end, I was able to borrow enough extra tables to supplement my own from one person which made logistics easier.  If we had more sign ups than we actually received, I would have had to extend that to more people.  This is just one of the reasons that I love this community.  Everyone is willing to help out with gathering up enough terrain for events so that one person doesn’t have to shoulder the burden alone to purchase and paint every table to hold ITS events.  

Table 3

Zen Table

I reached out to my FLGS about ordering an ITS Tournament Pack.  Luckily enough, the ITS pack that I had ordered for my personal use (I have fallen into the patch and LE model addiction) arrived the next day, which meant that their distributor had them in stock.  Last that I had heard they had been delayed during production, and I hadn’t heard that they were finally being shipped.  Once we were able to get the distributor to realize that I needed the Tournament pack and not the League pack, we were in business. 

At the same time as I was working on table coverage, I began my blanket spam attack on all Facebook pages that were at least fairly local (IL, IN, WI, and MN) plus the international WGC Infinity page.  After the Facebook marketing push over a few weeks, we were able to get 8 registered for the event.  Represented were Tohaa, Bakunin, two Imperial Service, Nomads, PanOceania, Merovingia, and Hassassin Bahram.

With 5 tables, a Nomad list to try in the event of a drop or add, a stack of packets containing the missions, and some swag to pass around loaded into my car, I was ready to go.   I arrived at the event an hour and a half before the first round.  Loading from my car into the hall took longer than I expected.  Thankfully as the guys started arriving, they were a huge help in setting up the tables.  Everyone showed up and we were able to start on time without me having to also play. 

Swag Table!

Everything flowed extremely well with the only minor hiccup being the delay by the hotel bar in getting food to the 6 of us that stayed inside for lunch.  We extended the lunch break by 15 minutes to make up for it.  There was roughly a dozen rules questions over the course of the day.  The items that I didn’t know off the top of my head were quickly found through a search of the Wiki or digital version of N3 or HSN3.

Many of you may have heard or read online, the Online Tournament Manager (OTM) had a few quirks to it.  Thankfully my friend Travis had just recently run his first event a few weeks prior and was able to guide me through some of the little nuances that weren’t intuitive.  Once those items were pointed out, the OTM was pretty easy to use.  

While full paint isn’t a requirement for an ITS event, I did encourage paint by offering an award for best painted.  In the end, the ITS winner, Kendall, also walked away with best painted with a nicely painted Nomad army.  I was also able to provide one of the LE Chibi Mushashi models as prize support for Best Appearance on top of the medal provided by Dragon Fall.

ITS winner: kendaop

Best Appearance, a familiar face

In the end, I am extremely glad that I got to run this event.  Corvus Belli has made it extremely easy to run an ITS tournament.  The Wiki and searchable digital rulebooks make it extremely easy to locate answers when questions arise.  Despite a few user interface issues, the OTM helps makes the pairings and results entry easy.  The willingness of the community to help at every stage made my life easier the day of the event.  I would have to say that this is the smoothest tournament that I have ever run and I look forward to running many more.


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