--This post was originally published under White Noise, the initial name of this blog. See the next post to learn why the name was changed.

Welcome to White Noise, a blog about Infinity the Game!  As this is the first entry in what I hope will be a long run of this blog, I should probably begin by introducing myself.  My name is Scott Tipsword and I lived for all four of my decades on this Earth in the suburbs of Chicago.  My entry into table top miniatures war gaming began in 2003.  Like many others, I began this hobby/addiction with Games Workshop.  I started with Warhammer 40,000, but that quickly gave way to Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  WFB remained my mainstay game from 2005 until its demise in 2015.  I was one of the Tournament Organizers for WFB, and then Age of Sigmar, at AdeptiCon from 2010 through 2016.

Aside from a very brief dabble in Warmachine, I really didn't look at many other games outside of the Warhammer worlds until WFB was cast asunder.  As I gave AoS a try during its infancy, I also began venturing forth from my GW cave to see what else was out there.  I stumbled across the newfound golden age of tabletop gaming, not knowing what to turn my hobby time towards.  Games like Malifaux and Wild West Exodus commanded some of that time, but while fun, they did not fully capture my undivided attention.

Enter my good WFB bro James Hyde, aka Domus.  At AdeptiCon 2015 he lured me into joining Twitter with promises of awesome gaming talk.  Yes, I know I was super late to the Twitter party but he definitely was not wrong.  All sorts of gaming chatter filled my feed.  It was on Twitter that I learned that several of my WFB friends had cast an eye towards a futuristic anime-styled game out of Spain called Infinity.   I had seen it at my local gaming store but never really paid much attention.  After browsing the company website to learn about the universe and factions, I journeyed over to the webstore to look at the models to see if I liked the aesthetics.  My interest was piqued when I saw Scottish Werewolves.  I was fully drawn in when I saw the Myrmidon models.  The Corvus Belli sculpts, specifically the newer models, were nothing like what I seen in all of my fantasy gaming, and that newness captured the full attention of the hobby section in my brain.

Without knowing much about the game at all, I decided based solely on aesthetics, to begin playing Steel Phalanx.  In a blink I had collected nearly the entire line.  With only a few learning games under my belt, I painted enough of the models to compete in my first ITS tournament, which just so happened to be 5 rounds over two days at AdeptiCon 2016.  I came in dead last, but learned a ton and met a lot of new, fun, and interesting people.  I was completely hooked.

Now that I had a much better grasp of the game, I could fully appreciate the other factions and my army ADD kicked in.  I now own models from every faction, except PanO, and have competed in ITS events with Steel Phalanx, USAriadna Ranger Force, Hassassin Bahram, and Haqqislam.  The large ITS events that I have attended include AdeptiCon, Midwest Massacre, GenCon, and Twinfinity.  Some of you may have even heard my voice as an occasional guest host on Personal Flashpaper, an Infinity podcast for beginners that was started by some former WFB players.

I have a lot of painting, games, and ITS ahead of me.  I am planning on cataloging as much of it here as I can.  I feel the need to constantly talk about all things Infinity and I have chosen this as one avenue for that.  For those joining me on this journey, I welcome you.  I also encourage any comments and constructive criticism.  As of the time of this posting, this site is under construction as I determine the permanent design and layout.



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