My Impersonation Attempt was Discovered!

It appears that the name White Noise in the Infinity community is rather popular.  As fate would have it, without knowing it at the same time that I was creating the blog, a couple of very nice players on the other side of the globe were also working on a podcast by the same name.  I have spoken with both Ben and Marty (both excellent guys) and our initial thought was that our two mediums were different enough that our fans could differentiate between a blog from Chicago and a podcast from Perth.  After much thought, I have concluded that it would be better for both the podcast and blog if the names were separate and distinct.  It will cause less confusion and we can brand and market ourselves differently.  As such, I am changing the name of my blog to Cybermask!

I wish the best for Ben and Marty and their White Noise podcast.  In fact, you should go check them out right now.  This change was not made out of conflict, but solely out of the ability to remain distinct amongst this great community of ours.  I will still be talking about any Infinity topic that strikes me.  I should have a new post or two out soon, as well as a new look with a new logo!

As always, thanks for reading.



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